A few ideas…

Some things you could do at home at this difficult time.

School Closure Resource Packs Key Stage 1

In light of recent school closure, here are some ideas of how to keep your children busy during this difficult time. A list of useful websites will be added to the schools website.


  • Write Postcards to the elderly in care homes
  • Write instructions for cooking
  • Draw story maps for a new adventure story
  • Draw a picture and describe the characters
  • Write sentences for a picture of you doing something
  • Listen to songs and create your own
  • Write about how to look after a pet
  • Find out about someone famous/important in history and write about them
  • Make labels and lists for things in your home


  • Read lots of different books
  • Discuss books
  • Talk about new words
  • Draw pictures to go with your books
  • Make your own book
  • Read in the garden/to pets
  • Build words with letters
  • Listen to an audio book

Phonics (The children should know most/all of phase 3 and 5)

  • Build words
  • Read
  • Make up words
  • Play games on websites provided
  • Learn phase 3 and phase 5 sounds provided


  • Cook and measure ingredients
  • Add with fun equipment
  • Card games
  • Add using dice
  • Time yourself doing an activity – try to beat it!
  • Measure how tall flowers and plants are in the garden
  • Learn to tell the time
  • Learn about symmetry


  • Build a lego structure
  • Paint
  • Mindfulness colouring
  • Find plants in the garden
  • Look for different types of leaves
  • Creature a picture using things from outside
  • Cook
  • Dance
  • Online YouTube yoga
  • Use glue to attach two pieces of material together to make a picture or puppet
  • Learn about Recycling
  • Take a long walk and time yourself/count how many steps from A to B
  • Learn about things from the past e.g big historical events
  • Make a reading den
  • Play board games
  • Map a map and follow the clues
  • Learn to tie your shoe laces
  • Learn about animals