Another week

Good morning all.

Another week to learn new things at home ready to impress us when we are back in school. We hope that everyone is managing to find something to read. Have you checked out the website we sent you a few weeks ago for on-line books? If not, have a look this week.

Perhaps this week you could make your own book. Fold a couple of pages of paper and use the top half to draw a picture and the bottom half to write the story. Decide what your story will be about and who will be in it. It could even be about yourself.

This half term we would have been looking at mini-beasts. If you have a garden you could go on a mini-beast hunt and then use the internet to find out more about the mini-beast you have found. My favourite is the butterfly; see if you can find one and learn about its life-cycle. Draw or paint a picture of it and learn how the pattern on the butterfly’s wings are symetrical.

We hope that you are now all very good at counting to and from 20 and able to write the numbers the correct way around. Ask someone in your house to check this for you and then set yourself the challenge of doing this over the next few weeks if you are still unsure of a few numbers. If you can, then start learninng some bigger numbers.

We have really appreciated seeing what some of you have been doing at home – bike riding, craft making, baking, reading and number work to name but a few. We would love it if more of you could share your achievements with us on Tapestry.

Well, take care and look after yourselves. We miss you all and hope to see you soon.