Good morning! Just to let you know that Tapestry is still available for you to let us know what your child has been doing. We will try to look at it as often as we can. Today my challenge to you is to do something new, perhaps you could learn to spell some new words or learn all the ways of making 5 off by heart 0+5=5, 1+4=5, 2+3=5) then try 6! Let us know how you get on.

Ideas to support your child whilst learning at home -week 1

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well. Mrs Turner and I are fine but missing you all  lots. Here are a few ideas to keep you busy this week.

  • Keep writing in your green writing books and other sheets in your writing packs. Tell us your news each day.
  • Go over the phase 3 letter sounds
  • If you have a garden go and hunt for mini-beasts or find some flowers and draw a picture of them. Find out what they are called.
  • Learn a new song and dance.
  • Practise counting forwards and backwards from 20 then beyond.
  • Set up a little toy shop, ask for some pennies and write some price tags then find some one to play shop with you.

Take care and hope to see you all before too long

World Book Day

The children have had a lovely day dressed up as their favourite character. Unfortunately we are having some technical difficulties with Little Wenlock’s I pad at the moment so I haven’t been able to upload any photos. Will do our best to get it sorted next week.

World book day

We have had a great day sharing our stories and looking at every bodies costumes. This afternoon we went on a walk around the outdoor environment looking for signs of spring. We found plenty of evidence that it is here, especially the sun shining on us. We even had a chat to the farmer as he was sowing the potatoes in his field.


The area of art we are covering this half term is collage. The children looked at the piece of work called ‘The Snail’ by Henri Matisse and then created their own collages.

Half Term holiday news

We hope that everyone has a lovely half term holiday and comes back safe and well in a weeks time. I have given the children some new reading books and a bit of homework. If they complete the letter formation sheets there will be a treat as a reward. There is also a letter regarding parent teacher interviews in each book bag. If you haven’t returned the slip regarding swimming then please could you do that ASAP so we can put the children in swimming groups.

Thank you for your support this half term.

Wren’s nest

Today we looked at a tiny nest that had belonged to a wren. The children thought that it would be easy to build their own nest so collected lots of materials from outside and worked together to make one. We soon discovered just how hard it was and thought how clever the bird must be.

A busy week

Unfortunately the children missed Forest School again as Mrs Tinkler was not in school today. We did have a fun afternoon celebrating a slightly late Chinese NewYear.

Thank you for the extra time you have been putting in with the reading. It is going to make a big difference to their progress. Keep it up😀