Finding half of a shape

The children were surprised to learn that they were doing maths whilst eating a piece of toast! Once they had buttered the toast they decided how they would cut it in half, making sure there were two equal pieces.

Tiger’s Tea Party

On Thursday the children have been invited by our class tiger to have a tea party with him. They can choose their favourite toy to bring along also. We will be doing some reading and also have some cake and juice.

It has been a long spring term and we are all ready for a break! The children have all improved with their reading. Thank you for the support with this area of their learning.

Marshmallows on the fire

The children had a lovely time toasting marshmallows on the fire this week. Another great bike ability session( bikes with peddles next week as they are so good.) Thank you to all mums that joined their children for lunch today. They really did enjoy it.


A fantastic time was spent on the balance bikes. The children learned how to keep safe wearing a helmet and good balancing skills.They can’t wait until next week for the next lesson.


We love reading in Hawkstone. This fantastic pair were keen to read to our pet tiger!