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Crazy Computing


This is week the children have been exploring different programmes and how to manipulate them. In this lesson, Caradoc used scratch to create short algorithms to make their character move across the screen. We had lots of funny characters in different places causing mischief!

Music Music Music!

Today the children were using their ears to recognise a mixed of percussion and non percussion instruments from behind a screen! We then matched the instrument she to shapes to begin recording and writing sequenced music. We had lots of fun trying to figure out which instruments were which!


Artwork to be proud of!

This term Caradoc have been improving their watercolour painting skills by practicing their brush strokes, designing, drawing and painting their own inventions. Overall, they have produced art work they should be very proud of.

Flying back in time!

This week Caradoc have been working super hard on their writing, using our book stimulus to learn the skills to be able to write a letter of instructions on how to use a typewriter to the character in our story. It has been with many thanks that we have been able to borrow a typewriter from a very helpful family in Caradoc and the children have loved writing using this amazing machine!

Getting fruity!

This week Caadoc have ended their healthy eating topic by making fruit sticks! The children had to choose the healthy options available to make an all fruit stick; they did brilliantly!

…and they all enjoyed eating their creations!

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