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Super Science!

In science this week Caradoc have been learning about plants. They did a great job of planting seeds and bulbs all by themselves! We will be watching them throughout this term to observe their growth and test what things plants need to grow the best.


Little Elves!


It has been an exciting day in Caradoc. Last week we received a message from Santa explained he was worried about his reindeers and might need our help to design and build a magical sleigh which uses wheels!

Caradoc did a great job and even got to show Santa himself when he visited us yesterday!



Weighing in maths!

This morning Caradoc were split into four different groups and had a Carousel of activities where they were finding out about measure. They took part in cooking, finding 1kg of fruit and vegetables and comparing measures of objects. They did very well, learnt lots about weight and have apple crumble for their last day of term!

Exploring Europe!

As part of our geography topic, all around the world, this afternoon Caradoc had a good at  baking some European food. First the children discussed what types of food would represent Europe from the things we had already learnt; we then talked about what ingredients would be used, which countries the food might be from and how it might be made.

We had pies, Sunday dinners, pasta, pizza, chips, cake and more!

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