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Spellings: Test on Tuesday 22nd September

To minimise the number of items travelling between home and school, we will not be using a spelling book in Darwin class during the first half of the autumn term. This will be reviewed after half-term.

Weekly spellings will be posted on this web page so that pupils can access them and learn them at home. We will also spend time in class learning the week’s spelling pattern, alongside the morphology and etymology of the words.

New spelling words will be shared with children on Monday morning and their knowledge of the spelling patterns will be tested on the following Monday morning. Pupils can bring the marked test home 72 hours after it has been marked.

Please note that pupils are expected to achieve at least half-marks (if the words are very straight-forward this may change to at least 7/10). If pupils achieve a poor score, they spend additional time re-learning the spellings in ‘spelling club’ at lunch time. This is not a punishment but rather a chance to ensure that they become better spellers! I will text you to let you know if your child has achieved a low score.

Our first spelling focus is very much a revision task. This week we are looking at the suffix ‘ing’.

adding ing

If you would like to spend some time learning about suffixes at home please click here: Suffixes.

Spelling Tests at Home.

I will not be posting the weekly spelling list over the next few weeks. Instead, this is an excellent opportunity for you to concentrate on learning all of the statutory spelling words.

The Government two huge ‘statutory spelling’ lists. These are the words that pupils should be able to spell accurately at the end of Years 3 & 4 and at the end of Years 5 & 6.

If you would like to do a weekly spelling list, this would be a good place to begin – learning ten a week.

Years 3 & 4 statutory spelling list

Years 5 & 6 Statutory Word List


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