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Wren’s nest

Today we looked at a tiny nest that had belonged to a wren. The children thought that it would be easy to build their own nest so collected lots of materials from outside and worked together to make one. We soon discovered just how hard it was and thought how clever the bird must be.

Second week back!

We are already two weeks into a new term and have had a lovely time this week. We welcomed Gideon back from his trip visiting relatives in Fiji and started to get to know a new little girl called Chloe. The children are enjoying gymnastics on Monday with the visiting teacher and have been very creative with paint and reclaimed materials.

Clay hedgehogs and more.

Today the children had fun jumping on the fresh mole hills and hoping they would spot one of the fury little creatures. They then made a clay hedgehog which will come home on Monday when they have hardened.

Is it a horse or a broomstick ?

Using tubes to measure the classroom.

Percy the Park Keeper

The children have made a good start back and have been telling us about all of the lovely things they had for Christmas. We have started our new topic which is ‘One Snowy Night’. This is about Percy the Park Keeper and his woodland friends. The children have enjoyed reading the story as well as watching it on the big board. They have taken part in some Percy the Park Keeper music and movement in the hall too. The new role play area is Percy’s hut which the children have really enjoyed playing in.

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