Ideas for the week (4/5/20)

Good morning all. I hope that everyone is keeping well and coping as best they can. Before I suggest some ideas for what to do this week I just want to say thank you to all those who have been on Tapestry. It has been lovely to see a glimpse of what you have been doing. I want to reassure everyone that you are doing a great job and whatever you can manage under the circumstances is a credit to you. Keep talking and sharing activities together, playing games and getting some fresh air. At the end of the day being healthy and happy are the most important things.

This week you could continue the work on mini-beasts or open it up to larger wildlife.

English: Keep reading; use the website (there are also some maths activities on the site) to find some free e-books. You have the ‘tricky words’ in your writing packs, perhaps you could write these out twice on cards and make them into a snap or pairs game. There are lots of picture prompts on Twinkl to help with writing or you could help your child to write about a walk they go on, describing what they see and hear. Try to encourage correct formation of letters and using lower case letters whenever possible

Maths: This week you could focus on 1 more and 1 less than a number to 20 ( then above). You could make a number line or draw one with chalk outside . How are the children getting on with number bonds? Do they know what 1 + 2 = without counting, if they know all the combinations to 5 , then go to 10.  You could look at shape and weight this week. Set them a challenge to find as many different shapes in their house and garden. I would be especially impressed if anyone can find a hexagon. A good website for Maths (and other areas of the curriculum) is

Other ideas: I have seen lots of lovely art work from the children – paintings, collages and model making. I would love to see some singing or dancing or reciting a nursery rhyme.

Perhaps you could choose a different mini-beast to study this week. Look under a rock or log and see what creepy crawly you can find. I love to watch spiders spin their webs or the way a centipede moves with all those legs! I will look forward to hearing about what you find out.

Lastly, we can’t stress enough that if you have any concerns about your child or what you are doing please get in touch with us on Tapestry; we would love to help.

Take care!

Mrs Parker and Mrs Turner