Picture this!

Story starter to help you: Mr Wolf waited patiently in the deepest, darkest forest. His disguise hadn’t worked but he wasn’t worried. The poor boy thought he was safe. However Mr Wolf knew exactly where he was. He could smell him. He was waiting for the right time to pounce. 

Activity One: Try writing a short story using this picture as a focus and the question to help you. 

Activity Two: Draw what you think the person in the tree would look like.

  • What will they be wearing? what will their face look like? How old might they be? What colour might their hair be?

Activity Three: (Maths) Measure how tall Mr Wolf is on this picture in cm. Do you think he is really that tall? How tall do you think he might be? How long in minutes do you think Mr Wolf might wait for the boy? What shapes can you see in this picture? Does that tree branch look like a rectangle? 

Email me your stories!

Miss Bennett