Spelling Test: Monday 29th April

Our spellings over Easter focus on mathematical vocabulary. The list of spellings will be glued into your homework book. You have two tasks:

Task one: Learn the spellings by writing them in sentences or using  a ‘look, cover, write, check’ approach. You can use a page or two in your homework book for this. You should know the meanings of all of these words from our maths lessons but, if you are unsure or can’t remember, you can ask a grown-up or check on the internet.

Task two: When you have learned the spellings, you need to write the words in the correct spaces on the maths sheet (spelling them correctly, of course!). I have put a sheet in your homework book.

Your spelling test will check that you know what the words mean and that you can spell them accurately.


Maths challenge spelling list         Maths challenge sheet