Update on after school clubs

There are no clubs in the last week of term.  As Gym Club was cancelled last Tuesday, any parent requiring a refund should contact the office  or the amount will be carried forward towards a club for the child concerned for the new academic year.

Clubs recommence in the second week of the new term.  A letter will be sent out week 1 notifying parents of the clubs available and the costs.

Ju Jitsu provided by Valor Combat Systems may continue on Fridays but parents need to set up direct payment to the provider.  Details of this can be obtained from the office on request.  This is yet to be confirmed according to demand.

If you have specific suggestions or requests as to new clubs you might like to see at the school, please contact us and we will do our best to make enquiries.  We endeavour to provide a  good range of after school clubs for the children, giving them every opportunity to enhance their learning experiences and try new activities.

Thank you.