Week beginning 10/5/20

Hello everyone. We hope that everyone is well. Here are some activities for this week:

English: Keep working on the phase 3 sounds and phase 4 words that we have given you. Perhaps you could go through them with your child and focus on 3 that they are uncertain of. You could make a pairs game with them or write some words out with the sounds in and practise reading them. There are lots of games on the website; this one is a good one –  (https://www.letters-and-sounds.com) –  with games the children have used in school. Oxford Owl also has some different activities to try.

The work this week will come from the story ‘The Snail and the Whale ‘ by Julia Donaldson. You can find the story being read on You Tube.

  • Could you retell the story in your own words and then over the week start to write the story? This may take a few days to write and illustrate.
  • Could you write a post card pretending you are the snail and say where you have been and what it was like? Pick a place you already know or make one up.
  • Can you find other words with the ‘ai’ sound in them? – snail, tail, mail, etc
  • Can you make a poster to help ‘Save the Whale’?- What other animals need ‘saving’ as they are endangered species?

When you are writing with your child encourage them to have a go at the spellings themselves and help with finding the phase 3 sounds that they might need. Gently remind them of letter formation and not using capital letters in words other than at the beginning of a sentence.

Maths: As always, counting forwards and backwards is vital and recognising numbers to 20, but this week you could give special emphasis to addition and subtraction. There are some games on Twinkl to look at . A good one for addition is the 4 in a row dice addition game. Topmarks has some fun ones as well.

You could also look at size this week. Can they find something bigger/ smaller than an object you choose? Can the children put 4 objects in order of size? Again, there are cutting and sticking size activities on Twinkl or you could just cut strips of paper into different sizes and ask them to order it from shortest to longest. If you have Lego or blocks, could they make a taller / shorter tower? Try and use the vocabulary of big, small, biggest, smallest, long, longer, longest, etc.

Other areas: Finally there are lots of different facts about snails and slugs on the Twinkl site and craft activities. Try making snails from playdough or drawing spirals like the shells.

These are just a few suggestions to run alongside the other lovely things that you have been doing and sharing with us on Tapestry. we hope to hear from you and please feel free to ask any questions.

Mrs Parker and Mrs Turner