Week beginning 18/5/20

Good morning, everyone. I hope that everyone is well.

It has been lovely to see some of your work on Tapestry last week and the video clips have made me smile- you have all grown! You are doing some really interesting things, ideas which I will be trying myself! As ever please don’t hesitate to get in touch to show us what you have been doing or ask a question if you are unsure of something. We love to hear from you and support you where we can.

This week I thought we could look at another story by Julia Donaldson called ‘Superworm’. Again, the story can be found read to you on ‘You Tube’ and the short film is there as well.


  • Keep reading as much as you can. Some of you are reading magazines as well as the e books and your own books.
  • In the story, Superworm has lots of adventures. Can you write about another adventure for him? Who can he rescue? What does he do to help them? Do this in your green book or print off the lovely worm writing frames on Twinkl.
  • Find out more about worms. Twinkl has fact cards you could read together and a sheet about the life cycle of a worm. (They are actually very interesting creatures).
  • There is an ‘I love worms’ rhyme on Twinkl that you could learn and perform for your family.
  • Keep working on your phase 3 sounds and reading and spelling the tricky words.
  • This week you could look more closely at upper and lower case letters, making sure your child can recognise the difference and begin to understand when to use them.


  • How are you getting on with learning the number bonds? Remember, learn to 5 first, then 6, 7 up to 10.
  • I thought we could look at capacity this week as the weather is so nice and they could play out side with the water. Work on understanding full, empty, half full, half empty then go on to find how many small containers fill a larger container. They could make their own squash, magic potion or perfume.
  • If you go on Twinkl and type in capacity you will find lots of activities. There is a potions power point, monster milkshake café, home learning challenge and sorting sheets.
  • For those who are still unsure of reading, writing and ordering numbers to 20 – Don’t give up! Do a bit each day – you will get there!
  • Some of the children have been learning to count to 100 in 10s and backwards. One of you can now count in 5s to 50 and 2s to 20. This is Year 1 work, but feel free to have a go if you want the challenge!

Other Areas:

  • Make a wormery- Twinkl has sheets to get you started.
  • Design a new super hero outfit for Superworm.
  • If you have paints instead of painting you could try printing. Find some things around the house or garden to print with.
  • Find out why gardeners like worms.

Take care for now and stay safe!

Mrs Parker and Mrs Turner