Week beginning 4.5.20

Hi everybody,

Hope you are all well and keeping safe.

Just a reminder that BBC Bitesize is a particularly good resource for children to access and covers a range of subjects- https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize. There is a full schedule of daily activities that you may wish to follow if you choose.

Additional ideas/resources

Times Tables

I know we are sounding like a broken record but if you can keep focusing on times tables that will be hugely beneficial for all the children. Below are websites that will specifically help with the rapid recall of multiplication facts. If you can manage 10-15 minutes each day, it will make all the difference!







https://spellingframe.co.uk (Choose year group appropriate to ability of your child- they may need to go down a year group which is ok!)


History – VE Day focus


Coronavirus story

  • https://axelscheffler.com/books-for-older-children/coronavirus                         (This is a FREE digital information book for primary school age children to help explain the coronavirus and the measures taken to control it. It answers lots of questions in a child-friendly way, and aims to both inform and reassure)

As always, do get in touch if we can help further (housmanclass@stokeontern.shropshire.sch.uk). We know home schooling is not easy and each of you have your own unique circumstances and challenges to manage. Our intention is not to overwhelm you with resources but to give you suggested activities which will help to support your child during this time. We are more than happy to advise on an individual basis if needed.

Mrs Brotherhood and Mrs Vaughan