A Basic Phonics Lesson


I thought it might be useful if i outline a basic phonics lesson for you all to help you at home.

First the children could watch the YouTube songs below to help with their tricky word spellings. They could then be challenged to write a sentence using one of these words. 

Alternatively, there are great games using tricky words and more on phonics play: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/

Then the children could remind themselves of all phase 3 and 5 digraph sounds – they should be confident with all of these by the end of year 2. These can be found on the Twinkl site or on phonics play as ‘digraph flashcards.’ 

Finally they could play a game to consolidate and apply their knowledge of sounds. I have listed some ideas below that can be adapted and used appropriately. 

  • Bingo: Write down some sounds and an adult says words using those sounds
  • Memory game: Hide some sounds written down under a sheet and remove one – child guesses which sound is missing
  • Beat the bomb: Put a timer on and child has to read as many words as they can before timer
  • Write a story using tricky words and words containing sounds they need to focus on
  • Word and non-words: Make up silly words using phase 3/5 sounds and think of real words and separate which words are real and which aren’t
  • Games on phonics play website