End of half-term message

Hello all!

First of all, many apologies – I wrote the message below at the end of the half-term and thought I had posted it online – I hadn’t. It was sitting in the draft folder! Apologies for that! I hope that you have all had a great first week of the Easter holidays and that the weather settles down for us all next week!

All of the pupils in Darwin class have worked exceptionally hard this half-term and have completed a LOT of work in a relatively short time. As a result, I have decided not to set any Easter homework. If you or your child would like some work to complete during the Easter break, please ask your child to contact me on Edmodo and I will provide some asap!

Our final piece of homework for the term was a creative task. The children were asked to decorate an egg in any way they wished to – we had some very creative responses. Please find below our winning egg designers. All the entries were eggcellent! (Sorry!)

Congratulations also to Alfie and Liam who were our Star Pupils this half-term. Both boys have been outstanding in every lesson, every day. We have all been very impressed with them.

Spellings for the first week back are on the spelling page of the website. Enjoy your Easter break – see you in the ‘Summer Term’!

Mrs. E.


Thursday 1st April in Darwin Class

All of the children in Darwin class have worked really hard this half-term. They have completed a lot of work in a relatively short period of time and they assure me that they are deserving of a treat. I agree!

We have decided that, in Darwin class on Thursday, we are going to watch a film in the morning and spend the afternoon outside doing PE. The children can come in to school wearing non-school uniform and can also bring in a small treat to enjoy whilst watching the film (a small bag of crisps or popcorn, for example).

Also, just a quick reminder that there are two special menus available in school this week:

Wednesday: Roast chicken, or quorn Fillet, stuffing, pigs in blankets, roasted & creamed potatoes with seasonal vegetables. Followed by an Easter cup cake topped with mini eggs or an Easter themed shortbread biscuit.

Thursday: Cheese pizza, or quorn hot dog, with chips & peas followed by a chocolate chip cookie and ice-cream.

Mrs. E.



Spellings. Test; Monday 29th March

This week’s spellings all contain the pattern ‘ough’.

This is a tricky spelling pattern to master because it has many different pronunciations: cough, tough, bough, through, and though. These different pronunciations are tricky to predict and stem from the words’ different languages of origin.

Here are your spelling lists so that you can begin to get to grips with ‘ough’ words:


End of the week message from Mrs. Evans.

We have had yet another busy and productive week in Darwin class. Everyone has worked hard and is ready for the weekend!

This week’s certificates were awarded for general, overall excellence (and a fantastic school crest design: Labora ut fias optimus!) and for beautiful handwriting. Here are the worthy recipients:

Sadly, we have to say goodbye to two of our Darwin pupils today. Seb and Noah have recently moved house and are starting a new school on Monday morning. We will be very sad to see them go, as they have been with us since they were very small – it won’t be the same without them! Good luck boys – keep in touch!

Have a restful weekend! (Homework is to complete two pages of maths in the CGP books – this week’s pages are written in the grid at the front of the book.)

All the best,

Mrs. E.

Message from Mrs. Evans.

We have had an excellent first week back in school. We have all worked really hard; enjoyed seeing our friends and had a few laughs along the way!

I have been really impressed with ALL of the children in Darwin class – they have come back into school with big smiles on their faces and lots of enthusiasm for learning. They have all done exceptionally well in every lesson, including our weekly spelling test and our mental maths work.

It was really hard to pick only two people for our certificates this week but that’s what we had to do. Here they are, our two outstanding pupils of the week:


I hope you all have an excellent weekend!

See you on Monday,

Mrs. E.

School on Monday!

I am very much relieved, as I am sure are you, to wave goodbye to remote learning! I am really looking forward to the children coming back to school on Monday and some level of normality returning!

School routines and procedures will be as they were in December, with staggered starts and ends to the school day and a ‘bubble’ approach throughout. Further information about this can be found on our school news page: Back to school info.

Our class timetable will remain largely the same as last term, with PE taking place on Thursday and Friday although, as the weather improves, we may take a flexible approach to this, so it would be useful if PE kits were in school all week. Spelling tests will be held on Mondays and homework will be given out on Fridays – although I may hold back on the homework for the first week!

If you have any questions about your child’s return to school, please contact me on the email address below. Please note that I will check my emails on Saturday but I won’t be logging on during Sunday, as I will be busy preparing for Monday. (This may or may not mean that I will be sleeping!)

Have a great weekend!

All the best,

Mrs. E.




Friday Remote Learning

Our final remote learning day is upon us!


We will have our spelling test in school on Monday morning so get ready!! 🙂


When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut. What? What do you mean, I am already grown-up? Eh? Oh! Ok. Well, I suppose I will have to just use my imagination then and imagine that I can go into space!

Did you know that recently NASA has managed to land a rover on Mars? This means that we can expect lots of new information and photographs about the red planet. I wonder if they will find any signs of life?

Click here to find out about ‘Perseverance’: BBC News.

‘Perseverance’ is an interesting name for a robot. It was chosen by Alexander Mather, a 13-year-old student from Virginia in the US, who took part in Nasa’s competition to name the robot. Why do you think his choice of name won the competition? What does ‘perseverance’ mean?

Finally, complete the following task to bring into school on Monday. Don’t worry if you can’t print it out, draw your own astronaut instead!

Return to school – Mars self discovery


11 a.m. Mental Maths:

The link to our zoom session is: https://us05web.zoom.us/j/82598243908


Spend this afternoon doing a daily mile (or two!). Go out and get some fresh air! If you have any questions about coming back to school on Monday, send them to me via Edmodo and I will do my best to answer them over the weekend.

See you all in school on Monday morning!

Mrs. E.