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Friday 5th March 2021: Remote Learning

Welcome to our *hopefully* last day of remote learning for a long time! (Fingers crossed!)

Today I haven’t posted the work on Seesaw so you don’t feel the need to report back to me for this last day – I want the children to enjoy their last day and take it a bit easier! 

We have a theme for our day today:

World Book Day! 

Note: IF you do dress up.. be sure to send us a picture via email or Seesaw – we’d love to see your creations!! 

Lesson One: 

Listen to this great story ‘There’s a Walrus in my bed’ by Ciara Flood

Activity: Primary-Make-and-Do-Theres-A-Walrus-In-My-Bed

Lesson Two: (Maths)

Y1: Counting in 2’s


Activity: Y1 Count-in-2s-2021

Y2: Find the difference – money


Activity: Y2 Find-the-difference money

Lesson Three: 

World Book Day Character Selfies Activity Sheet

Lesson Four: 

KS1 World Book Day Trace a Book Activity Sheet

Thursday 4th March 2021: Remote Learning

Here is your suggested timetable:

Morning Work

Y1: t-l-8762-phase-4-phonics-picture-activity-sheets-_ver_2

Y2: Make 25p

Make 25p answers


Y1: Order numbers within 50


Activity: Y1 Order-numbers-within-50-2021

Y2: We will be exploring money today. This is a bit of a challenge but do your best and we will be going over money when we come back to school! 


Activity: Y2 Find-the-total money


Play this game and use the phase 4 or 5 version using any sounds

Y1 Activity: phase-5-early-reading-comprehension-activity-7

Y2 Activity: t-l-9310-phase-5-spelling-activity-pack-_ver_3 au Spelling Activity


Here is the next lesson for our Baba Yaga story:


In this reading session have the children read their book independently and then get them to tell you 4 things they have learnt or remembered about this book. Then you can both enjoy reading the book together to finish off.


We are coming to the end of remote learning and I would like you all to take this time to be creative with paint, colours, paper, crafts etc before the children come back full time next week – enjoy!

Wednesday 3rd March 2021: Remote Learning

Here is your suggested timetable: 

Morning Work

The image on a word doc: counting in 2’s doc


Y1: Compare objects within 50


Activity: Y1 Compare-objects-within-50 2021

Y2: Divide by 5


Activity: Y2 Divide-by-5-2021


Y1: Have a go at these isolated joins – follow the dotted lines to form the joins. If you’d like a challenge see if you can do the join next to it without using the dotted line guide!

Controlled Isolated Joins

Y2: Have a go at joining these words with simple joins.

Joined letters, words & Sentences Y2


The next lesson of Baba Yaga!


This week you will be choosing the other option from the two books I suggested last week, (the second and third book from each list). The options are below again for you to select the other book: 

Level 3/Yellow: Zoom Food OR Toads in the Road

Level 4/Blue: The Play Park OR Painting the Loft

Level 5/Green: What’s that Noise? OR Rowing Boats

Level 6/Orange: The Frog Prince OR A Pony for a day

Level 7/Turquoise: Animal Magic OR Rumpelstiltskin

Level 8/Purple: Tidy up Winnie OR Escape of the Giant Chicken

Level 9/Gold: The Destroyer OR East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Level 10/White: Downhill Racers OR Save the World

Outdoor Learning 

I know getting the children outdoors for this sessions is sometimes difficult so I have attached a website link instead which has 10 wonderful outdoor learning ideas on it for you to choose which one suits your family!

Tuesday 2nd March 2021: Remote Learning

Morning – Here is your suggested timetable:

Morning Work

Take this time to practice your spellings!


Y1: We will focus on one more and one less again today. 


Activity: Y1 One-more-one-less-Part 2

Y2: You will continue to develop your knowledge about division


Activity: Y2 Divide-by-2-2021



Remind yourself of some tricky words too! – Phase 3 or 4

Y2: Complete the word game below – Phase 4 or 5


Today we are going to carry on exploring the story of Baba Yaga.


Read a story at home and then write 4-5 sentences retelling the story in your own words – tell us what happens in your story!


Caradoc_Animal habitats_Lesson 2_what is a habitat

Monday 1st March 2021: Remote Learning

Happy Monday Caradoc!

Here is today’s suggested timetable:

Morning Work

Start the week off relaxed and ready to learn!


Today we are all going to remind ourselves of symmetry.

Watch this short clip to refresh your memory and then scroll down for a short quiz:

Activity: 2d-shape-symmetry-drawing-activity


This week’s spellings are common misspelt words I would like the children to focus on. 


Today you will be engaging with a new story: Baba Yaga.

You will listen to the story and answer questions ready to do some writing using this story and learn how to use the suffix -ed so listen carefully!


Today is the last time to read your eBook from last week.

Activity: Ask your children to verbalise or write down a different ending for their book.

Physical Education 

Keep active with this Just Dance Tutorial!


Friday 26th February 2021: Remote Learning

Happy Friday Caradoc! I hope you’ve had a nice week and enjoy your weekend! 

Here is today’s suggested timetable:

Morning Work

Year 1: Keep reminding yourself of the phonics sounds by playing ‘Teach my Monster to read’.

Year 2: Begin the day by making ten

Activity: Morning Work making ten

Answers: Morning Work 10+answers


Year 1: Today you will  be looking at measuring lengths.


Activity: Y1 Measure-length-2-2021

Year 2: Today you will look at sharing and grouping. There is no written activity but try to pause the video when it asks questions or is showing something missing so the children can actively answer questions during the clip.


Spelling Test Zoom @ 10:30

Lauren Bennett is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Spelling Test Zoom
Time: Feb 26, 2021 10:30 AM London

Join Zoom Meeting


Today I want the children to focus on the basic skills of writing e.g. handwriting, using capital letters and full stops accurately, extending sentences with conjunctions (and, but, because, if, so)



Today you have a reading comprehension which relates to our topic this term.

Book Band 3 – 7: London’s Burning Activity Card

Book band 8 – 11: The Great Fire of London Simple Comp

Thursday 25th February 2021: Remote Learning

Happy Thursday! 

Here is today’s timetable:

Morning Work

Year 1: Have a go at reading some words from either phase 4 or 5.

Year 2: Keep practicing your ‘near doubles’ with this activity.

Activity: Morning Work near doubles

Answers: Morning Work near doubles answers


Year 1

Video Clip:

Activity: One-more-one-less-2021

Year 2

Video Clip:

Activity: Y2 Compare-money-2021


Please print this handwriting guide and have a go at writing our your spellings for this week – write them more than once!

Handwriting Guidelines


Today you will be writing a diary entry from Jimmy. Remember to start with ‘Dear Diary..’ and to sign off with ‘Jimmy’. I would like you to write about the day in the story where he leaves his old home and says goodbye to his tree house and travels to his new house. Here are some things to think about:

  • How do you feel?
  • Will you miss your old home or your tree house?
  • How long is the car journey?
  • What is the new house like?


Read you book. Write down four words from your book you haven’t seen before or are tricky for you. See if you can find out what they mean and write it down to remind you.


This term we will be looking at The Great Fire of London. We will explore what happened, why the fire spread so quickly, how do we know what happened and how London was rebuilt.

Today you are going to begin to look at what happened. 

Look  at the image below: 

Question: What do you see in this photo? Write down 3 things.

Information: This image shows an event that happened in London a long time ago. It was drawn by someone who was alive at the time and saw the fire with their own eyes.This happened in the 17th Century in 1666.

Setting the Scene: Click below to listen to the audio musical story of travelling back in time to 1666 to hear about Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London.  (You’ll have to ignore the part it asks you to turn to a partner if you can’t do this)



Wednesday 24th February 2021: Remote Learning

Happy Wednesday! 

Here it today’s suggested timetable:

Morning Work

Here’s a reminder of your times tables. Watch the video and try and write a few down as you go or afterwards.

5 Times tables:

2 times tables:


Year 1: Representing numbers to 50

Video Clip:

Activity: Y1 Represent-numbers-to-50-2021

Year 2: Money – making the same amount

Video Clip:

Activity: Y2 Make-the-same-amount-2021


Activity: Have a go at recognising the phase 3 & 5 sounds and looking at tricky words to read and spell. – Phase 3-5 – Phase 3 – 5


EmBARKed Short Story:

Have a go at writing your own setting description of the Tree house.

Look back at yesterday’s description I wrote to help you come up with some sentences.

Make sure you focus on capital letters and full stops. 


 Have another read of your book you chose yesterday and try retelling part of it to a family member.

Outdoor Adventure

Have a go at collecting some leaves and creating a picture using what you have collected. You could also collect some small branches, twigs or flowers.

Tuesday 23rd February 2021: Remote Learning

Good Morning Caradoc!

Today’s suggested timetable:

Morning Work

joined letters – au


Year 1: Tens and Ones (Place Value) 

Video Clip:

Activity: Y1 Tens-and-ones-2021

Year 2: Making equal groups 

Video Clip:

Activity: Y2 Make-equal-groups-grouping 2 2021


Today we will be looking at the pre-fix /un/. 

Have  a go at practicing the spellings below then complete the activity for words using the prefix /un/.

Unable Unfair Unlucky Unhappy Unpack Unfold

Year 1: Writing-un-Words Activity – Year 1

Year 2: Writing-un-Words Activity – Year 2


We will still be using this short story to do some writing tasks. Re-watch the story to refresh your memory of it.

Today you will be reading a model setting description and then changing the parts in red to re-write the setting after the tree has moved to the city.

EmBARKed – A short Story – changing the setting


This week the children can choose between 2 book choices of their Oxford Owl eBooks.

How to find your book: Oxford Owl for home – Free eBook library – Find the correct Oxford level on the right of the page. See Below for book Choices (these will be the second two books).

Level 3/Yellow: Zoom Food OR Toads in the Road

Level 4/Blue: The Play Park OR Painting the Loft

Level 5/Green: What’s that Noise? OR Rowing Boats

Level 6/Orange: The Frog Prince OR A Pony for a day

Level 7/Turquoise: Animal Magic OR Rumpelstiltskin

Level 8/Purple: Tidy up Winnie OR Escape of the Giant Chicken

Level 9/Gold: The Destroyer OR East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Level 10/White: Downhill Racers OR Save the World

Level 11/Lime: Space Hunt OR Return to Exis 


Caradoc_Animal habitats_Lesson 1_characteristics of living things

Zoom Show & Tell 

Show and Tell at 2:00pm

This week we shall do a ‘Pet Edition’. You can either show your real life pet, show a ‘stuffed animal pet’ or draw a picture of a pet and show the drawing. 

Topic: Show + Tell Zoom
Time: Feb 23, 2021 02:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Monday 22nd February 2021: Remote Learning

Welcome back Caradoc! I hope you have had a relaxing, well-deserved break during half term and are ready to take on remote learning again! 

Here is today’s suggested timetable:

Morning Work

Handwriting joins to practice

ea handwriting joins


Year 1: This term we will be exploring numbers more and deepening the children’s understanding of place value.

Video Clip:

Activity: Y1 Count-forwards-and-backwards-within-50-2021

Year 2: This term year 2 will be exploring more multiplication and division. So to get the children into division (as this is new) they will be doing grouping today and tomorrow.

Video Clip:

Activity: Y1 Make-equal-groups-grouping 1 2021


Here are this week’s spellings. There will be a live zoom test on Friday morning.


Watch this short film called EmBARKed.

  1. We are going to use this for today’s focus. Say the sounds below to your child and have them write down the sound (phoneme). Show them the phoneme and see if they can say it. 

2. Have a look at the word bank below for EmBARKed – say them to your child and have them write them down to practice using the phonics sounds above. 

bark soil shine bank Autumn

3. Draw your own tree house and see if you can label some of the word bank words above. 


  1. Read the poem to a family member
  2. Think about what part repeats in the poem. 
  3. See if you you can write your own 2 line verse to add to the poem.

Physical Education

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