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Friday 15th January

Today’s suggested timetable:


The two sessions today are very exciting! The first section, helps us to write the opening of a diary and the second helps us to plan the main part of our diary. You do not need to write the main part of your diary, we will do that next week.

Session 1: To write the opening of a diary entry (Approx. 16 mins. + working time)

Session 2: To plan the main part of the diary entry (Approx. 17 mins. + working time)


Maths 10:30:

Mental maths Zoom lesson.

Zoom link:

Answers to yesterday’s work:

Unfortunately, the answer document to yesterday’s co-ordinate book is too large to upload on here, but I can send it by email. Please email me at the following email address and I will send you the booklet asap! Likewise, if your child cannot attend the zoom session today, I can email the mental maths materials for you to do at home.



Below is a link to a really funny yoga session, I think you will enjoy it!

Yoga link

If you are not in a yoga-ish mood, you could always complete a Joe Wicks workout – he has made some new ones!


Please spend a little time learning your spellings, ready for our test on Monday. (I will organise another Zoom session on Monday afternoon for this.)

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. E.

Thursday 14th January


These lessons provide more important building blocks to enable you to write a fantastic diary.

To explore fronted adverbials. (Approx. 17 mins + working time)

To practise and apply knowledge of suffixes (Approx. 20 mins + working time)


Before you begin today’s lessons, please check your work from yesterday:

Answers to yesterday’s independent maths: Wednesday Maths Answers

If you made some mistakes and you can see where you went wrong – great! If you can’t see where you went wrong, let me know and I will help you out!

Today’s Warm-up:`(I will post the answers tomorrow!)

If you would like to refresh your memory about co-ordinates, or go over them a little bit more, you could watch this short video:

Co-ordinates clip.

Below is a co-ordinates booklet. There are a lot of questions in here – you can do them all if you want to but, if you are short on time, focus on the following questions:

Mrs. Walker’s Group: Questions 1,2,3,5,8,

Mrs. Evans’ Year 5s: Questions 1 -10

Year 6 Questions: Questions 3 -12


If you do not have a printer, you could tell a grown up where you would plot points and discuss your answers.

(I will post the answer document tomorrow!)


Latin – Zoom Lesson:


If you are unable to join the lesson, please find out about Roman baths using the following links:

Roman baths in Britain.

Roman baths.

How Roman baths worked.

When you have learned about Roman baths, learn the key words for chapter 3:

Silent Reading and/or Outdoor Activity.



Wednesday 13th January

Good Morning!

This is today’s suggested timetable:

Morning Work:

Please spend 15 minutes honing your time tables skills. Log-in and play TT Rockstars or play Hit the Button.

I will be checking the TT Rockstars leader board later!


The two sessions today, continue to develop our diary writing skills:

To Generate Vocabulary   (Approx. 15 mins + independent working time.)

To develop a rich understanding of vocabulary. (Approx. 20 mins + independent working time.)

These sessions are really important as they will make your writing much more powerful and believable.



Today’s lesson is about plotting co-ordinates in all four quadrants.

Here is a warm-up activity to complete first: (I will post the answers for you tomorrow!)

Independent worksheet for today’s lesson: (I will post the answer sheet tomorrow!)

Wednesday worksheet

If you have any extra time, you could return to yesterday’s lesson and play the co-ordinate games again. It will help you to remember how to plot co-ordinates correctly.



The files that I need to share for this lesson are too large to upload on the website. I have uploaded them onto Edmodo for you. If you have forgotten your log-in details, please get in touch either by class email or via the school texting system.

Link to Edmodo

Additional activity (If you are waiting for log-in details):

Asia fact sheet (I have put a copy of this sheet on Seesaw for those of you who are trialing it for me – have a go at filling it in. You can type directly in text boxes and move them into the right place.)

Silent Reading.

This half-term, we were going to read Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone, together. Would you like to do this over Zoom? Let me know if you think you would like to have some online reading sessions and I will sort them out for us!

Enjoy your reading!


Tuesday 12th January

Today’s suggested timetable:

The links for the Zoom catch-up sessions can be found below. Joining details will be sent by text.


Spend some time copying out the spellings for this week. Then, ask a member of your family to give you a quick test to see which ones you already know how to spell. After this, you can concentrate on learning the ones that you got wrong.


Today’s lesson is to identify the features of diary writing. 

As part of this lesson, the teacher talks about exclamations and exclamation marks. Remember, we often use an exclamation mark to show surprise or shock in our writing. In other words, they are often used for interjections such as: Oh no!  – remember our parts of speech poem? However, just because an exclamation mark is used, that does not mean that the sentence can be classed as an ‘exclamation sentence’.

A true exclamation sentence always begins with ‘how’ or ‘what’. “What big teeth you have Grandma!”/”How wonderful!”

Have a go at creating some exclamation sentences using this sheet to start you off:

exclamation sentences

For those of you helping me to trial Seesaw:

I have posted a link to this English lesson and a template for the exclamation activity, which you can complete online, on Seesaw. If you get time, please could you have a go at completing the template. Thanks!



Maths Lesson/Year 5 Zoom session:

Year 6 Lesson:

Before you complete today’s lesson, check your answers to yesterday’s work. If you have got some answers wrong, and you can see where you went wrong – great! If you are not sure why your answers are wrong, you can ask me about it in our next Zoom session.

Yesterday’s Answers:

The answers to yesterday’s independent work:


Today’s Lesson consists of three activities which build on yesterday’s lesson.

In yesterday’s lesson, you plotted co-ordinates in ‘one quadrant’. You revised the fact that we always plot along the x axis first and then the y axis. Today’s activities are about plotting co-ordinates in two quadrants and consolidating your plotting skills in one quadrant.

Activity 1:

Online Activity – two quadrants

(When you get to the page that looks like the onebelow, click the icon in the middle. After that, you can look at the 3rd section, plotting in four quadrants. This is what you will be looking at tomorrow.)









Activity 2:


Activity 3:

Treasure hunt.

This activity is a lot of fun. It challenges to use your co-ordinates knowledge and your problem solving skills. Each time you plot a co-ordinate it tells you how far that point is from the buried treasure – great fun!

Click on the image below to play the game.


Year 5 Pupils:

Please mark yesterday’s work and, if you have time, play TT Rockstars until 11:00, when your Zoom catch-up session begins. Please join the Zoom session to discuss the work completed so far and any questions/problems you have had. We will have time for a general catch-up chat too.

Link to the Year 5 Zoom session:

Lunch Break.


Maths/Year 6 Zoom:

Year 5 maths lesson:

(See this morning’s lesson for Year 6)

Year 6 Pupils:

Please join the Zoom session to discuss the work completed so far and any questions/problems you have had. We will have time for a general catch-up chat too.

Link to the Year 6 Zoom session:


How safe are you online? Complete this quiz.

Watch this short movie (20 minutes) about keeping safe online. Movie time!


Online Learning Platform Trial

We have used Edmodo for many years in Darwin class and have found it to be very useful for homework and general communication between class members. I have, however, heard good things about Seesaw and would like to give it a trial run.

Some of the children who attended the Zoom session today said they are willing to sign up so that we can see how it works and whether we prefer it to Edmodo. I will send a link, which takes you to your child’s joining information, via text message. If you do not receive a link and you would like one, please let me know either by email, text or even good old Edmodo!

Please find below a copy of a permission form. Under the circumstances, as parents are mediating and facilitating signing-up and children cannot sign-up unless you provide them with the necessary information sent by text, I will assume that, if your child creates an account, that your permission has been granted. The letter is for your information.

The link that I send to you will have all the details that you and your child will need to create an account. Please note, that I have not assigned any work or activities on Seesaw as yet and will only be assigning the work which is already set on the website as part of the trial. It won’t necessitate your child completing any additional work, unless they request it!

Thank-you for your help!

Mrs. E.

Letter Seesaw



Monday 11th January

Hello, all!

Please find below learning resources for home-schooling today.

Also, from today, Monday 11 January, CBBC, BBC Two, BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button will all be offering up lots of content for students including daily lessons which will be made available online too. I have posted a link to this week’s BBC’s Schools’ TV schedule below. These programmes could be useful if you have any issues with the internet over the course of the week, or, if any of the shows are of particular interest to you and your child and you feel that you would like to substitute an educational TV programme for a lesson, please do!

BBC educational TV schedule for this week.

Today’s Lessons:

Today’s suggested timetable is as follows:

I have scheduled the zoom spelling test for 2:30 this afternoon. I hope that everyone can join us. If you can’t, you can ask a grown-up at home to test you and then you can send me your results via Edmodo or email.


Use the look, cover, write, check method to see if you need to spend some more time learning any of the words on this week’s list. We will have the test this afternoon.

Spellings for this week’s test.

You can then write out this week’s spellings, which can be found on the spellings page:

Spellings for next Monday.


This week’s English lesson are REALLY interesting. The English focus is writing recounts, specifically diaries, and the context is the history of ‘Windrush’. I have really enjoyed watching today’s lessons, and I think that you will too!

Today’s first lesson provides the context for all of the writing you will complete in the unit.

Diary Writing (Windrush).

The second part of today’s lesson, has a spelling focus:

Suffixes, to investigate plurals.

(If the links don’t work for you, try this link which will take you to the page with all of the unit’s lessons.) Diary writing lessons – Windrush.

If you would like to find out more about Windrush, before we move on to the English element of the task in subsequent lessons, you could explore these websites:

Newsround – What is the Windrush generation?

Talking to grandparents.

Finding my family.


Here are four ‘warm-up’ questions of varying difficulty. I will post the answers on tomorrow’s lesson, so you can check through your work,

Main Lesson focus:

This week, we are going to focus on co-ordinates. This is an areas of mathematics that we didn’t spend much time on last academic year, due to lockdown. The lessons start with co-ordinates in the first quadrant and build up to four quadrants and are suitable for pupils in both Year 5 and Year 6. If you or your child require any additional resources, please email me, using the class email address, and I will get back to you asap.

Today’s Independent activities (worksheet): Co-ordinates in-first-quadrant

I will post the answers for you tomorrow, so that you can self-check your work and get back to me if you are finding anything difficult.



The following document, prepared by Doctor Roberts, contains everything that you need for your first science lesson in the ‘Light Sources & Light Reflectors’ unit.

Darwin_Light_Lesson 1 


Spelling Test:

This is the code for the spelling test Zoom session. Looking forward to seeing you!

Silent Reading.

Enjoy reading your book!



I am planning more Zoom sessions this week. Details of the focus of each meeting, days and times are on the timetable below. Joining details for each meeting will be sent out by text on the morning of each meeting.

Have a great evening! See you all tomorrow!

Mrs. E.


Friday 8th January

Today’s suggested timetable:


Yay, it’s Friday!!

As you will see, we have a double dose of mathematics today. We have an online mental maths session this morning and the final part of the unit looking at graphs this afternoon. The maths lesson in the afternoon is fairly short and you may want to spend any extra time you have doing some physical activity outdoors.

The information for the zoom session can be found in the maths section below.


Ask someone to test you today. Spend some time after the test relearning the ones that you got wrong. Look at the spelling pattern carefully and copy the word out until you are confident that you know it. Make sure you are ready for the final test on Monday!


Lesson 1: To make inferences and predictions 

Lesson 2: To analyse a setting and consider its impact on the reader.

Link to the main page for this unit, in case the links above don’t work! 

10:30 Maths Zoom session:

The link for today’s maths session:

You will need a pen or pencil and your yellow book or a piece of paper.

Maths. Afternoon Session:

Interpreting and presenting data in pictograms and bar charts.

Silent Reading.

Enjoy your reading.

Your homework is to learn your spellings. I will arrange a Zoom session on Monday afternoon so that we can do the test together. (If you can’t make the meeting, you can do the test with a member of your family and send me your score via email or Edmodo.)

‘See’ you online next week!

Mrs. Evans.



Thursday 7th January

Today’s suggested timetable:

For details about the Zoom session, see the bottom of today’s resources.


Use the ‘look, cover, write, check’ method to test your own knowledge of this week’s spellings. Spend some time learning the ones that you get wrong!



Lesson: to consider a character’s experience.

(If this link is problematic, please use the link I posted on here yesterday – scroll down to find this, the post is the one below today’s lessons.)

Additional task: How to create a character.  There are a lot of things to do on this page, so you may not have time to do them all!



Lesson: Collecting and presenting data using tallies, tables and graphs.

Additional task: Copy and complete this tally chart. When you have done that, you could use the information to create a bar chart.


Zoom Meeting 2:30:

This meeting is a chance for pupils to say hello to me and to each other. They can let me know how they are getting on with their remote learning and chat about any news they have.

I have also set up a meeting for 10:30 tomorrow morning so that we can do our mental maths session together. Details will be posted on the website tomorrow.

This is the link to today’s meeting:

The pass code for the meeting has been sent by text.

It would be great if as many pupils as possible could log in to the meeting today – ideally I’d like to touch base with everyone by the end of the week. If it is not possible to join either today’s, or tomorrow’s meeting, I will endeavour to catch-up with pupils via phone call by the end of this week or early next week.

Mrs. Evans.


English Lessons for This Week.

Some people have had some issues with the link to the English lessons. The link below should take you to the page where all of this week’s English lessons are hosted.

Please let me know if any issues persist!

English Lessons – Anthony Horrowitz.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are having any further issues or if you have any questions. I can be contacted on the class email, or via Edmodo. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can, but it may not be until tomorrow!

I am going to set up a Zoom ‘catch-up’ session for the children tomorrow afternoon and a Zoom mental maths session on Friday morning. I will send the details with tomorrow’s lessons.

Wednesday 6th January

Good morning!

Today’s suggested timetable is:


Write a sentence for each of your spelling words. Try to vary how you begin the sentences: avoid always starting with a pronoun (I, you, we, he, she, they, we us).


Today we are going to continue looking at the work of Anthony Horrowitz.

Lesson: Considering an author’s use of language.

Additional English task:

Extra challenge! Find out more about how to use language for effect.


Today, we are going to continue look at bar graphs:

Lesson: Reading and interpreting bar graphs.

Additional activities:

(Click here for a PDF of these activities: Bar chart questions 7th Jan


We are going to continue looking at the continent of Asia for the first part of this half-term.

Click here to find out more about the largest continent on Earth.

Last term, we started to label the countries in Asia. How much can you remember? How much more can you learn?

Have a go at this interactive map activity.

Finally, have a go at this quiz. Let me know how you get on!

Asia – Quiz.

Silent Reading.

Enjoy! What are you reading at the moment? You could send me an email or a message on Edmodo to let me know.

I am planning to set up a catch-up Zoom session for tomorrow afternoon. I will send the details tomorrow morning. It would be nice to catch up with everyone before the end of the week. If you can’t attend the Zoom session, I will try and give you a quick phone call before the end of Friday to see how you are getting on with your work.

Mrs. Evans.

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