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Message from Mrs. Evans.

All of the children have all brought home a very important letter – a short update about their progress at school this term. If you would like to ask any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at the following email account:

The children have also brought home a CGP maths book. We will often be using this book for our maths homework from now on. The pages¬†set for homework this week are listed on a sheet which is glued into the front of the book. The children have been asked to bring the completed work in on Monday. They have also brought some Latin home to translate – enjoy! ūüôā

We have had a very productive week in Darwin class this week, I have been particularly impressed with the way that everyone has made progress with fractions. We are now adding and subtracting with mixed numbers and improper fractions – challenging stuff!

I hope that you all have a great weekend!

All the best,

Mrs. Evans.


Message for parents of pupils in Darwin class.

Pupils in Darwin class can return to school tomorrow, as long as they are not self-isolating due to there being a confirmed COVID-19 case in the family, or if a member of the family has symptoms and is waiting for test results, or the pupil has symptoms themselves.

As part of our approach to managing risk, we are required to have adequate ventilation in classrooms at all times. This means that we need to have some windows open, whatever the weather. As a result, as we move into winter, it may be a little ‘fresher’ than we are used to in class at times. Children may want to wear an extra t-shirt under their school shirt and they are encouraged to bring in a warm fleece/hoodie/sweater to wear in class. This can be any colour or style, as long as it is warm!

As not all key members of staff will be returning to school tomorrow, we will not be able to run the bus service until next week. We are anticipating that the bus will be running on Wednesday. We will confirm this as soon as we are able to.

I’d like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during these uncertain times. As a school, we are doing everything we can to minimise the disruption to our pupils’ education, whilst ensuring that it is safe for pupils to attend school. I really appreciate everyone’s efforts this week – thank-you and well done! ūüôā

Mrs. E.

Learning at Home.

Please find all the links and resources you need for home schooling on Darwin’s homework page.¬†

If you have any questions or need support, advice or additional lesson materials, please feel free to contact me either via Edmodo or through the class email address:

Darwin class is due to return to school on Friday 20th November. If this plan changes, I will contact you as soon as I am able to let you know.

Mrs. Evans.

Message from Mrs. Evans

I’d just like to¬†thank you all for your kind thoughts and messages of support during the past week. It has certainly been a difficult time for me, but I am pleased, and very much relieved, to say that Mr. Evans is now in fine form.

All of the children in Darwin Class have been excellent. I am very proud of the way they worked for their temporary teacher during the first part of the week; it sounds like they really impressed her with their enthusiasm and hard work.

This week’s certificates were awarded to Sophie and Isaac. Sophie’s dedication to reading in class was recognised and she was awarded the Reading Certificate. Isaac’s general excellence – he always works hard, what ever the subject he is learning -was celebrated and he was awarded the Red Certificate. Well done to both of these excellent young people.

Due to my personal circumstance this week, I was unable to set spellings for a test on  Monday, but normal service will be resumed next week!

The children’s homework this weekend is to begin learning the ‘Parts of Speech’ poem off-by-heart. A paper copy has been sent home. If any of the Year 6 pupils already know the poem off-by-heart, all the way through, they can see how many examples of parts of speech they can find. For example, make a list of nouns; a list of adjectives etc.,

I hope that the rest of your weekend goes well – I am hoping that mine will be totally uneventful!

Mrs. Evans.

Happy Half-Term Break!

We have had a very positive first half-term in Darwin class. Everyone has settled back into school well and we have all been working incredibly hard.

This morning, we awarded our first ‘Star Pupil’ certificates of the school year. Our Year 5 and Year 6 stars (pictured below) were chosen for their excellent attitude to work, their determination to do well and their exceptional organisational skills.

All of the children in Darwin class will have brought home two sets of homework to complete during next week: reading comprehension activities and some mathematics. If pupils would like more homework, they can contact me on Edmodo (or the class email and I will send them further activities.

Have an excellent half-term break  Рsee you all soon!

Mrs. E.

Confirmed Covid Case

Darwin Class advice following the confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19)

The family received the positive test result on Sunday 13th September and Darwin class parents were notified on the morning of Monday 14th September that their child must not attend school.

Based on the advice from the health protection team, schools must send home those people who have been in close contact with the person who has tested positive, advising them to self-isolate for 14 days since they were last in close contact with that person when they were infectious. This means that pupils and staff from Darwin class must not return until Tuesday 22nd September.

  • Household members of those contacts who are sent home do not need to self-isolate themselves unless the child, young person or staff member who is self-isolating subsequently develops symptoms. If someone in a class or group that has been asked to self-isolate develops symptoms themselves within their 14-day isolation period they should follow¬†guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. They should get a test, and:
  • If the test delivers a negative result, they must remain in isolation for the remainder of the 14-day isolation period. This is because they could still develop the coronavirus (COVID-19) within the remaining days.
  • If the test result is positive, they should inform school immediately.




Welcome to a new week.

Last week was our first full week back at school and all the pupils in Darwin are now well and truly settled into our ‘new normal.’ Everyone has worked hard and a lot of revision and new learning has taken place.

Last week, I was impressed by the efforts of everyone in class but two pupils really stood out: Allison, who received the ‘Reading Certificate’ for her expressive story reading (she read out a story which she had written at home, so that was extra impressive!), and George who has been an all round super star and was awarded the ‘Red Certificate’. It is always tricky when I can only choose one or two pupils, as so many pupils try their very best. This week I will be able to award two more certificates: the ‘Writing Certificate’ and the ‘Red Certificate’. I will be on the lookout for winners from Monday 8:45 on wards!

This week’s homework is a trial run for using Edmodo quizzes. There are often a few hitches when getting started with Edmodo, but the more the children use it, the easier they find it. This week’s quiz is available to complete until the end of Friday this week. The children will find it pinned to the top of their Edmodo ‘feed’. Children will also find (further down their feed) a post from me which contains links to a film clip and to a slide show of images from Mohenjo-Daro. There were far too many images for us to look at during our history lesson last week, so I posted the link for those who wanted to spend more time exploring the images.

Mrs. Evans.



The first few days of the school year.

I have thoroughly enjoyed having the children back in class this week. They have worked hard in all of our lessons and have been really quick to pick up the new rules and procedures. I have been impressed with their attitude to the work they have been set and with how much information they have retained from the previous academic year. There were some very strong scores in our mental maths ‘test’ this morning!

Here’s what some of our students had to say about their first few days in Darwin class:

“It’s been fun. I enjoyed playing dice games to learn about place value.” (Noah)

“I’ve enjoyed reading Aquila – there’s a lot of mystery! I am getting used to the new routines and all the hand washing!”¬† (Allison)

“We did a test. It was hard but it was fun and challenging.” (Seb)

“I was surprised that I had forgotten so much but I am remembering it now!” (Anna)

“I know exactly what you mean, Anna!” (Mrs. Evans)

I am looking forward to our first full week together next week. Have an excellent weekend everyone and I will see you on Monday.

Mrs. Evans.

End of the Academic Year.

We have reached the official end of the academic year – well done everyone!

As from today, I will no longer post the daily learning menu and additional tasks on Edmodo. I will, however,¬† continue to post the daily ‘morning activities’ until the end of July – just in case the children want to do them.¬†I will continue to log on to Edmodo periodically throughout the holidays, so if the children have any questions about September they can contact me on there.

I’d like to thank you all for your hard work over the past few months. I know that balancing home schooling with all your other daily demands must have been extremely challenging at times and I appreciate all the hard work that you have put in.

I am very much looking forward to having all of our new Darwin class in school in September, although I will miss our present Year 6 children very much.

I hope you all manage to relax over the summer break – you all deserve some serious ‘me’ time!

Mrs. Evans.

Darwin Class letter

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