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End of year message!

Dear all,

It’s officially the ‘end’ of this academic year and what a year it has been! I don’t think any of us could have anticipated that homeschooling would have gone on for so long and we are so grateful for the support you have provided for your children during this time. We know many of you have had to juggle the demands of work, managing siblings of different ages and abilities along with your own worries during this time so THANK YOU!

We are preparing for September and are looking forward to having the children back. We will spend time assessing the pupils needs, ensure appropriate provision is in place and support their social and emotional development.

Thank you once again,

Mrs Brotherhood and Mrs Vaughan


Final Week

Well, we can’t quite believe it’s officially the final week of home learning. It’s been quite a ‘journey’ and we are very grateful to each of you who have managed to keep going in what has been a challenging time. We know it hasn’t been easy but we also hope that you have had some positive experiences amongst the madness! Take some time to reflect over the last few months- what has gone well? What have you learnt about each other? What have been the challenges? How have you overcome them?

In terms of work this week, you may continue with the BBC Bitesize which I know has been a great help over the weeks. The websites that I have mentioned in previous posts are also excellent so take a look at them. If you have run out of steam then just try and continue with the reading…..little and often is fine! We are always happy to speak with you on an individual basis so please do e-mail on

We are busy making plans for September and will send further information out over the coming days.

Thank you once again for your continued support and patience- it has been appreciated!

Mrs Brotherhood and Mrs Vaughan




Hello everybody,

Hope you are all well. At this time of year in school, we would usually have our annual Talent Show. You could take this week to perfect a talent you have, maybe it’s learning a dance routine, a song, a comedy act, juggling? Send a video of your act- we would love to see it.

BBC Bitesize have their schedule. We’re in the penultimate week now so the end is in sight for the home schooling- you have done brilliantly and we do appreciate your efforts and also how hard it has been at times ( hopefully there have been lots of positives too). We have enjoyed catching up with some pupils on the phone so please get in touch if you want a call or any advice-

Week Beginning 29.6.20

Hello everybody,

BBC Bitesize have their schedule for the week ahead so please take a look.

Feedback from some parents is that the home schooling is becoming more challenging and children running out of steam. This is to be expected (it’s been a long haul!) so please remember that little and often is absolutely fine. Keep going with the reading and those times tables if you can. We are very happy to advise on an individual basis so do get in touch if you need to-

Mrs Brotherhood & Mrs Vaughan

Additional English Activity

Other Maths Activities

Week beginning 22.6.20

Hi everybody,

Hope you are all keeping well. It is going to be a hot week so make sure you try to get outside and enjoy the lovely weather.

Sunshine Writing Prompts- consider the following questions and write down your ideas.

Would you rather go swimming in the ocean or a swimming pool? Explain your reasons.

If Summer were a person, what type of personality would he or she have?

Maths ideas

BBC Bitesize

We know that you are all juggling your individual circumstances and home schooling can be HARD!  We are very happy to speak directly to you (or your child) and support in any way we can.


Mrs Vaughan and Mrs Brotherhood

Week beginning 15.6.20


Please continue to access BBC Bitesize for a wealth of teaching resources-

or you may wish to access the online ‘Oak Academy’ classroom –

‘Talk for Writing’ have also produced booklets which you may wish to work through for the week-

Other English Activities (Choose year group appropriate to ability of your child- they may need to go down a year group which is ok!)

Other Maths Activities


Set aside 15 minutes each day for reading- this is so important!

Don’t forget to e-mail/phone if you would like further support or advice. If your child wishes to write us an e-mail, we would be very happy to respond ( we do miss them!).

Mrs Brotherhood and Mrs Vaughan



Hello everybody!
BBC Bitesize have published their schedule for the week so do take a look.

Feedback from parents is that this is a really useful website to support the home schooling. However, please get in touch if you need anything else or take a look at our previous posts which have other useful ideas and links.

A few parents have commented that handwriting is proving to be a challenge so I have found a ‘Lockdown’ poem written by a young boy from Kidderminster. Maybe your child could spend a session copying the poem in their very best handwriting and illustrating it. They could have a go at writing their own version if they are feeling creative!

We are very happy to have a telephone catch up if you feel that would be of help. Please just text the school if you or your child would like a call.

Mrs Brotherhood and Mrs Vaughan



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