Friday Remote Learning

Our final remote learning day is upon us!


We will have our spelling test in school on Monday morning so get ready!! 🙂


When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut. What? What do you mean, I am already grown-up? Eh? Oh! Ok. Well, I suppose I will have to just use my imagination then and imagine that I can go into space!

Did you know that recently NASA has managed to land a rover on Mars? This means that we can expect lots of new information and photographs about the red planet. I wonder if they will find any signs of life?

Click here to find out about ‘Perseverance’: BBC News.

‘Perseverance’ is an interesting name for a robot. It was chosen by Alexander Mather, a 13-year-old student from Virginia in the US, who took part in Nasa’s competition to name the robot. Why do you think his choice of name won the competition? What does ‘perseverance’ mean?

Finally, complete the following task to bring into school on Monday. Don’t worry if you can’t print it out, draw your own astronaut instead!

Return to school – Mars self discovery


11 a.m. Mental Maths:

The link to our zoom session is:


Spend this afternoon doing a daily mile (or two!). Go out and get some fresh air! If you have any questions about coming back to school on Monday, send them to me via Edmodo and I will do my best to answer them over the weekend.

See you all in school on Monday morning!

Mrs. E.


Wednesday 24th February

Good morning!

This is today’s suggested timetable: (We have a Zoom session at 11 a.m. for mental maths.)


On the spelling page for this week, there is a PDF document which has an unfinished grid on it. You can either print or copy out the grid and then fill in the missing definitions Be careful with this, don’t guess! Although the English derivative is closely related to the Latin root and its meaning, they are not always exactly the same!


Today you are going to be creative with non-fiction writing. You are going to create a detailed fact file about a creature from the ocean. You will need to do some research and take some notes. You could organise your notes under heading such as: ‘Appearance’, ‘Diet’ and ‘Habitat’. Can you think of any other useful subheadings?

You can select any creature – it could even be a mythical creature, but your writing must be in the style of a non-fiction text. Your text must be:

  • Organised into sections, each with a subheading.
  • Fairly formal in tone – avoid using contractions. For example, say ‘is not’ rather than ‘isn’t.’
  • Detailed and interesting to read.
  • Correctly spelled.
  • Correctly punctuated.

Please send me your work when it is complete; I am looking forward to reading it! (You can complete it on paper/Edmodo/Seesaw, whichever you would rather!)


11 a.m. Maths Zoom.

Zoom link mental maths:

If your child is unable to join, please drop me an email and I will send you all the documents you need to complete the test at home.



Have a look at the map below. This map shows the continent of North America, which is the third largest continent. The largest countries on this continent are: The United States (USA), Mexico and Canada, this week we are going to take a closer look at Canada.

Below are links to two useful websites about Canada. Visit these sites to find out more – you can even listen to Canada’s national anthem on one of the sites!

As you look through the sites, make a list of really interesting facts. Try to collect between ten and twenty pieces of information.

Kids’ World Travel Guide.


Time for a journey into another world…

‘See’ you all tomorrow!

End of the week message from Mrs. Evans.

Dear families,

We have reached the end of the penultimate week of this half-term. One more week of home-schooling to go before we can put the daily time tables, the devices and their screens away for a week and have some serious ‘down time’! I am sure you are all more than ready for that!

This week we have had the theme ‘Express Yourself’ running through our learning. It is often tough to express yourself when we are ‘locked down’ and cooped up! Thank-goodness for technology. How great is it that we can all communicate via instant messages, video and voice calls? I have certainly become a huge fan of Zoom – seeing the children during the week is wonderful. I really look forward to each and every meeting.

Learning to use technology to communicate independently and safely is a part of life for young people these days. The online world is not easy to navigate. I am not sure which poses the greatest challenges, learning to use the internet to communicate as a pre-teen or being the parent of a pre-teen learning to use the internet to communicate! Luckily there are lots of resources available that can help us all to navigate these relatively new waters. I have posted some really useful links below which can help to  guide you through the pitfalls of some of the social media apps and online games which are popular at the moment. I have also posted the planned zoom sessions for next week to help you to plan your home learning time tables.

Have a very restful weekend. Do something you enjoy!

Mrs. E.

WhatsApp – A guide for parents

Roblox – A guide for parents

Among Us – A guide for parents

TikTok – A guide for parents

Next Week’s Zoom Sessions:




2.2.21 Tuesday Housman Home Learning

Good Morning, here are the activities for Tuesday’s Home Learning.

Morning Activity : Times tables speed check.

Please write out  x1, x 5 and x 10  tables for memory. Use different coloured pens. Go from 0x up to 12x. (For an easier task,  just go from 0x to 5x. ) How fast can you do it?

use this layout………

0 x 1 = 0     0 x 5 = 0     0 x 10 = 0

1x 1 = 1.     1 x 5 = 5.     1 x 10 = 10

2 x 1 = 2.    2 x 5 = 10.     2 x 10 = 20….. go on up to 12x 1, 5 and 10.

 Main Activity: Add Lengths

Watch the video and then use the skills and information that you have learned to complete the worksheet.

Click here for maths video Add Lengths

Click here for maths worksheet – Add lengths



Look at the singular and plural words from your work yesterday. Write a sentence using the original word in its singular form and then a sentence using the plural form. EG The boy played in the park/The boys played in the park or The baby was gurgling/The babies were gurgling. Please try to write 10 sentences in your books and use your neatest handwriting.

(Plurals: For an easier activity please write 6 sentences.)

Comprehension : Understanding Characters’ Feelings

Today we will be reading another extract from “Dragon Ride” by Helen Creswell. The story is about Jilly who wants a real, live dragon. Use all the skills that you built up from exploring “History VIP Mary Anning” and use them to tackle this activity independently. Please write the answers as neatly as you can in your book.

click here for text and questions for Dragon Ride.

Silent Reading: Today look around your house and read as many words as you can that are NOT on books, newspapers, comics or magazines.Try packets of food, toiletries in the bathroom, clothes, toys, parcels for example. (Please make sure that you don’t disturb anyone whilst you do this activity and if its not possible, read quietly to yourself or a member of your family)

Art: Landscapes in Different Seasons.

Last week we drew a landscape in a particular Season inspired by landscapes painted by  David Hockney. Today we are continuing to think  about how a landscape or view might change because of the Seasons. Either paint the landscape that you did last week and change it so that it shows a different Season or copy a different landscape by David Hockney.

Alternatively go for a walk and take some photos of a landscape. Then perhaps return in another season and take another photo. David Hockney uses photography and film in his work.

I have posted  the video from last week to remind you how the three trees landscape changes over the four seasons.

Click here to see David Hockney 3 trees painting through the seasons.

PE: HIIT fitness Class for Kids Or go for a Walk .

This week please keep fit by going outside for a walk or try out this more challenging keep fit routine with the children on the video.

We have been watching soldiers from Tern Hill running past carrying large packs. We were very impressed and decided that we would try a more challenging keep fit workout. If you know someone who is a soldier, perhaps they could tell you what they do to keep fit?

First warm up with a “Move and Freeze” activity from The Learning Station, which we tried last week.

Click here for Move and Freeze activity video

Then follow the 3 children as they guide you through a challenging keep fit routine. Don’t forget to listen to your body and only try each activity for as long as it feels comfortable.

Click here for your keep fit routine.

End Of day Activity :  Following Visual Instructions – Make a Book Mark.

This video shows you step by step how to make a simple origami bookmark. You will need a square piece of paper and some felt pens to decorate it. You will probably need to pause the video and go over some of the steps by whizzing back.

click here for a video – Making an origami bookmark

Monday November 16th

Little Wenlock 16th November

Good Morning everyone!

Here are some ideas for you to try today.

Alphabet song – you tube –singalong

Learn an old fashioned nursery rhyme.  This link will take you straight to them. There are lots of nice ones to practise here.


  • Practise recognising s  and  a  with the actions(these can just be written on paper – children will know the actions)
  • Say t and then show chn t
  • Practise ‘t’ today with the action  (head side to side as if you are watching tennis)   these links will help

  • Sound search ‘t’ table, top, tea, towels, t-shirt, top……can you find any more? Let us know on tapestry if you can.   You could take a look outside too if the weather is nice and see what you can spot there.

Snack and break

  • Think about the number ten which also starts with t and try and say numbers to ten.
  • Try counting ten steps when you go out or even indoors will be ok /ten hops/ ten strides/ten skips/ten tiptoe steps. I think you might be quite tired after all that!
  • As a craft idea today and if you do get the chance to be out today, try and use some twigs/ sticks leaves to make a den for a t t t t tiger or a t t t t t rex. If you can’t go out, try and use some of your construction to make the den or even make yourself a den.

Thank you everyone.  We hope you can have a go at some of these ideas and let us know how you get on.  Have fun!

Mrs Burford and Mrs Tinkler

Monday November 16th

Good Morning everyone!

I hope you have all had a good weekend.   It is a very odd feeling, not being in school and with the children.  I have put the work for today onto the homework page.  As Mrs Parker said on Friday, we do appreciate that it can be difficult to fit everything in so please don’t worry about getting everything done. Get in touch with myself, Mrs Parker or Mrs Tinkler if there is anything we can help with.

Keep safe

Mrs Burford and Mrs Tinkler