Darwin Class Weekly Update.

We have had another busy and varied week in Darwin class. The highlight of the week was definitely sharing the children’s speeches. We had talks ranging from ‘Lego’ to ‘Poverty and inequality.’ All of the children did really well and were able to reflect maturely on how they felt and how they performed during their speech. We are planning to work on our oracy skills and give another speech later in the school year.

Certificates in Darwin this week:

The red certificate has been awarded to Alfie. Alfie helped me to administer a short student survey this week. He was able to help other children by explaining how to complete the survey and he sorted out all the technical issues that came up. Alfie is a super star!

The maths certificate has been awarded to Elsa for her excellent mathematics. She works hard in all maths lessons she approaches tasks carefully and accurately.


Next week, we are going to think about countries’ exports. This week’s homework is to investigate where some of our household objects/items of clothing are manufactured. Pupils can complete the homework task digitally, and print it off or email it to me, or they can complete the task using pencil and paper. All of the children have been given a copy of the sheet below to bring home.

Editable Word version:

Homework Geography Manufacturing

PDF version:

Homework Geography Manufacturing

This homework needs to be sent/brought into school in Monday morning ready for our geography lesson that day. (Email: darwinclass@stokeontern.shropshire.sch.uk)

Have a great weekend everyone!

(Don’t forget that it is a four day week for the children next week – they do not need to come into school next Friday as it is a PD day for teachers.)

All the best,

Mrs. E.