End of the week message from Mrs. Evans.

Dear families,

We have reached the end of the penultimate week of this half-term. One more week of home-schooling to go before we can put the daily time tables, the devices and their screens away for a week and have some serious ‘down time’! I am sure you are all more than ready for that!

This week we have had the theme ‘Express Yourself’ running through our learning. It is often tough to express yourself when we are ‘locked down’ and cooped up! Thank-goodness for technology. How great is it that we can all communicate via instant messages, video and voice calls? I have certainly become a huge fan of Zoom – seeing the children during the week is wonderful. I really look forward to each and every meeting.

Learning to use technology to communicate independently and safely is a part of life for young people these days. The online world is not easy to navigate. I am not sure which poses the greatest challenges, learning to use the internet to communicate as a pre-teen or being the parent of a pre-teen learning to use the internet to communicate! Luckily there are lots of resources available that can help us all to navigate these relatively new waters. I have posted some really useful links below which can help to  guide you through the pitfalls of some of the social media apps and online games which are popular at the moment. I have also posted the planned zoom sessions for next week to help you to plan your home learning time tables.

Have a very restful weekend. Do something you enjoy!

Mrs. E.

WhatsApp – A guide for parents

Roblox – A guide for parents

Among Us – A guide for parents

TikTok – A guide for parents

Next Week’s Zoom Sessions: