Final Week

Well, we can’t quite believe it’s officially the final week of home learning. It’s been quite a ‘journey’ and we are very grateful to each of you who have managed to keep going in what has been a challenging time. We know it hasn’t been easy but we also hope that you have had some positive experiences amongst the madness! Take some time to reflect over the last few months- what has gone well? What have you learnt about each other? What have been the challenges? How have you overcome them?

In terms of work this week, you may continue with the BBC Bitesize which I know has been a great help over the weeks. The websites that I have mentioned in previous posts are also excellent so take a look at them. If you have run out of steam then just try and continue with the reading…..little and often is fine! We are always happy to speak with you on an individual basis so please do e-mail on

We are busy making plans for September and will send further information out over the coming days.

Thank you once again for your continued support and patience- it has been appreciated!

Mrs Brotherhood and Mrs Vaughan