Ethos and Values

ChildrenWe aim to promote a secure environment in which everyone feels happy and safe; an inclusive environment in which all feel they belong and their views are heard; a positive learning environment in which all are able to learn and achieve.

The calm and purposeful atmosphere with high expectations for all children promotes a strong focus on learning. High quality teaching, carefully structured, matched to children’s needs and presented in exciting contexts enables children to make good progress throughout the school.

There is a strong nurturing ethos within the school and children experiencing difficulties whether social, emotional or academic are well supported. However, alongside nurture and support, there is also challenge. Children are expected to do their best and take responsibility for the choices they make; reflecting the School Motto:

To Be the Best that We Can Be!

School Values
The school Ethos is underpinned by a strong set of values which incorporate ‘British Values’.
Aspiration, Self-Belief, Co-operation, Perseverance, Responsibility, Honesty and Fairness
British Values; Respect & Tolerance, Democracy, Individual Liberty and the Rule of Law.

Stoke on Tern is a Rights Respecting School.

Our charter of Rights and Responsibilities is central to all we do

Rights and Responsibilities
We have the right to be happy We have the responsibility to be aware of the feelings of others.
We have the right to be safe We have the responsibility for our own safety and to be aware of the safety of others.
We have the right to be heard We have the responsibility to think before we speak and listen carefully to others
We have the right to feel we belong We have the responsibility to make others feel welcome and part of our community.
We have the right to be healthy We have the responsibility to make healthy lifestyle choices.
We have the right to learn We have the responsibility to try our hardest at all times and never stop others from learning.

School Aims:

Children who love learning and achieve their very best and:

  • are motivated, curious and eager to explore new ideas and learning
  • are encouraged to develop their individual talents, creativity and imagination
  • are active learners; fully engaged, willing to ask questions and think for themselves
  • are developing strategies to become independent learners
  • are willing to take risks, and learn from their mistakes
  • are resilient; prepared to persevere even when something is difficult.
  • regularly experience the satisfaction of learning and feel confident that they will be able to succeed at school

Children with a secure sense of identity, well-being and self-belief and:

  • are able to make good choices which have impact positively on their lives both now and in the future
  • understand and are learning to manage their emotions
  • are able to express their own views and ideas confidently.
  • recognise their own strengths as well as targets they need to achieve.

Children who relate well to others within the school and wider community and:

  • are able to work and play together co-operatively
  • are kind, thoughtful and considerate
  • are polite and well mannered
  • respect the views of others and treat everyone equally
  • understand their responsibilities to each other within the school community and the wider world