Planning the Curriculum

Though we teach a connected curriculum, we believe that children have the right to the knowledge, skills and applications in the real world that each subject has to offer. Aspects of different subjects will be taught through specific subject-based learning; in mathematics in particular, children need to learn key concepts in order that they can apply them in problem-solving contexts.

When planning units of work, we highlight connections between ideas in different subject areas, incorporate the distinct skills and approaches of different subject areas and develop awareness of what expertise looks like in each subject area i.e. what it means to be a mathematician, historian etc.

Our curriculum is based on the 2014 National Curriculum which requires all pupils aged between 5 and 11 years to study the following three core subjects:


Eight non-core subjects (known as foundation subjects) must also be studied in this age group. They are:

Art and Design
Design and Technology
Physical Education
Religious Education

In accordance with the locally agreed syllabus In KS2 a Foreign Language, Spanish, is also taught.

Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) is also taught throughout the year.

Because we have mixed age classes, the curriculum in Science and some of the foundation subjects is planned on a rolling programme so that the content for each subject is fully covered over the key stage. These plans can be found through the links to subject areas. At the start of the year, teachers use the rolling programmes to plan a curriculum map for each class, making links between different aspects where they are beneficial to the children’s learning. At the beginning of each half term we also provide more detailed information for parents in our ‘communicating the curriculum’ guides for each class.

Curriculum By Class

You can read more about what each class will be studying this term on their respective class information page over in our Parents’ area:

Little Wenlock – Nursery

Hawkstone – Reception

Caradoc – Year 1

Dutton – Year 2

Housman – Year 3/4

Darwin – Year 5/6