Meals Payment and Menu

All children from Reception through to Year 2 are eligible for ‘universal free school meals’ everyday. Nursery pupils staying for lunch club get a free meal as part of their £4.00 lunch club fees or they can pay £2.30 per meal if they use the lunchtime as part of their free entitlement. Children in KS2 (Juniors Years 3-6) are charged £2.30 per meal.

It may be the case that your child, whatever their age, is entitled to a free school meal. We would urge you to check your availability using the website below. Please note that there is no stigma attached to receiving free school meals; all pupils are treated exactly the same at lunchtime whether they bring their own lunch, have a free school lunch or pay for their school lunch. Please do not worry that your child will be singled out because they have free school dinners. We would urge you to check if your child is eligible!

Is my child eligible for free school meals?

Pupils can swap from a school meal to home-made sandwiches on a daily basis. Dinner money should be paid using our online system (details below). Cash should only be sent into school if there is no other alternative. Please ensure that cash is placed in a clearly labelled envelope, which your child can give to their class teacher or TA during register time. (Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we will not accept or handle cash which is not in an envelope.)

Our online electronic system is called Payment for Schools (P4S). Please call our school office for information about how to use this system.

Please find below the menus for Autumn Term 2021

Dinner Menus

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Special Menu’s