Week beginning 13 July

Hello Everyone. Well, this is the last week of term and I thought we would finish with a Pirate theme for the week . If you access Twinkl there is a good Powerpoint to get you started –

 https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-tp-1314-all-about-pirates-powerpoint or you could look at the eBook Jake’s First Day.



Phonics- You could finish the term by having a go at this phase 3 booklet. https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/pirates-phase-3-tricky-word-activity-booklet-t-l-527718

Tricky words

Set 1 – I, no, go, the, into

Set 2- he, she, we, me, be, was, you, they, all, are, my, by, her, have, so, come, some, when, went, what, with, one

Set 3- said, like, do, were, where, there, little, out, your, saw, called, looked, because, time, made, make, came, of, very.

Letter Formation– A quick recap of each letter family.

Reading- Collins Big Cat or Oxford Owl eBooks. Even if you don’t manage to do much else in a day I would say keeping the reading going at this stage is really important.

Writing- Maybe this week you could write about the things you would treasure or create your own pirate adventure.


There are also some great writing frames that can help with sentence writing


Maths- If you can access the Twinkl Learning Hub then Numberblocks is on from 11-12am each day. If not and you want a little more structure, then perhaps you could timetable the maths like this:

Mon– Number- counting, recognising, ordering, and writing numbers.

Tue– More/less 1 more/less- it is ok to use counters to work this out; when they are confident then try without.

Wed– Addition/subtraction- If they can do addition/ subtraction within 10 then write some calculations within 20.

Maybe this week you could focus on learning how to share an amount between 2.


Thur/Fri– Problem solving and time. Can you learn the days of the week in order? Does your child know when their birthday is? Could they sequence their day and know what time school starts, when they have lunch and when they go home? If you want to begin to tell the time, start with o’clock and then go onto half past.


 Other activities

Try making a pirate hat or a pirate map. Perhaps they could design a treasure hunt in the garden or house with clues to where the treasure is!


I hope everyone has a safe and happy summer holiday. It would be great if you could keep up with the reading over the holiday and see what learning opportunities arise through everyday activities.  Looking forward to seeing all the children in school in September in their New Year Group!

Mrs Parker