Week beginning 1/6/20

Good morning, all. I hope that you have had a good week, that everyone is well and that you have managed to get out in the sunshine.

This half term’s topic is based on the theme ‘Under the Sea’. Despite not having the sea-side on our doorstep I hope that we can still have some fun and learn some new things about the ocean.

I would still recommend https://www.twinkl.co.uk/home-learning-hub – the 3-5 years page has a plan for activities through the day. It has some good mindfulness activities and a phonics slot as well as craft and maths activities.

English – Off to the Beach!

  • This week could you go over the sounds “oo” (oo as in moon and oo as in look), “ar” and “or”- there are lessons on the Twinkle home learning hub for this week and lots of other sheets on the website.
  • I thought we would focus on the ‘long ladder’ letter formation letters – l, i, t, u and y. Perhaps you could take one letter a day and go over it. If they can form it correctly, introduce the capital letter and practise that. Remember most letters start from the top and go down!
  • You could help your child to make a list of all the things that they would take to the sea-side.
  • You could pretend that you are in the car on your journey there. What do you see outside? How long did it take to get there? Did you stop for a picnic?
  • If you haven’t already seen the Big Cat books then they are worth exploring. You can access free e.books from Collins Big Cat. There are lots of books available, including many that we have in school.


How to access free Collins Big Cat ebooks:

Go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter:

Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20!        And click Login

If you are unsure what colour band to read then just ask me on Tapestry.


As well as the usual counting forwards and backwards within 20 (and beyond if able) this week I thought we would revisit

  • 1 more than a number.
  • 1 less than a number.
  • Counting on in addition – e.g. 5 + 2= Put 5 in your head and count on 2. Only do this with a big number and adding 1, 2, or 3.
  • Shape – this week we could begin to look at 3D shapes. The children could focus on – sphere, cylinder, cube and cuboid. Can they find examples of these in their house or garden?

Other activities

  • Try adding different textures to the paint this week, such as sand, salt or adding some PVA glue to the paint and then adding the different objects on top.
  • Make a puddle of water on the ground and chalk around it. Then see how long it takes to evaporate.
  • https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-t-2547823-eyfs-food-science-experiments-resource-pack- lots of fun experiments to try.

Once again I want to reassure you that if you need any help or advice then contact me through tapestry. If you are not able to access this please get in touch with me through the school email.

Mrs parker.