Week beginning 6th July

Hello Everyone.

This week I thought we would look at being ‘on the beach’ rather than ‘in the water’. Have a chat about what you do when you are on the beach. Do you enjoy playing games, making a sand castle, sunbathing or swimming in the sea? Talk about what you might eat and wear. You could even recreate a beach in your garden with the paddling pool being the sea and part of the lawn being the sand. Design and pack a picnic and have an hour in the sun!


Phonics- This week the Twinkl Learning Hub https://www.twinkl.co.uk/home-learning-hub  is using  consonant blends and phase 4 words  for their focus for lessons, but I would also recommend you continue to revise the phase 3 sounds. This week could be oi, or, ar, ur

Tricky words

Set 1 – I, no, go, the, into

Set 2- he, she, we, me, be, was, you, they, all, are, my, by, her, have, so, come, some, when, went, what, with, one

Set 3- said, like, do, were, where, there, little, out, your, saw, called, looked, because, time, made, make, came, of, very.


Letter Formation– We will continue to concentrate on the zig-zag letters z,v,w,x – check the letter formation sheet for how they are formed.

Reading- Collins Big Cat or Oxford Owl eBooks. Even if you don’t manage to do much else in a day I would say keeping the reading going at this stage is really important.

Writing- Perhaps this week you could write some post cards as if you are on the beach. You could even write a post card for a friend or relative telling them what you are doing at home.


There are also some great writing frames that can help with sentence writing –


Maths- If you can access the Twinkl Learning Hub then Numberblocks is on from 11-12am each day. If not, and you want a little more structure, then perhaps you could timetable the maths like this:

Mon– Number- counting, recognising, ordering, and writing numbers- if your child is now confident with numbers to 20 then you can go beyond. Can your child order numbers to 20 now? Test and see.

Tue– More/less 1 more/less- it is ok to use counters to work this out; when they are confident then try without.


Wed– Addition/subtraction- If they can do addition/ subtraction within 10 then write some calculations within 15.

Maybe this week you could focus on learning doubles up to making 10.


Thur/Fri– -Problem solving and position. Does your child understand and use positional language – in, on, under, above, besides, next to, in front of, behind? Find a couple of soft toys and see if they can tell you where you place them. https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/au-l-158-positional-language-matching-cards

 Other activities

To include a little history this week you could talk about sea-side holidays now and then.


Thank you for the things you are sharing on Tapestry. If you want to get any advice over the phone I am available on Wednesday and Thursday mornings for the next two weeks if you ring school.

Take care and have a good week.

Mrs Parker