Week Beginning Monday 1st June

Please find below, the learning overviews for this week’s lessons.

Remember, although you can go directly to the BBC website to access these tasks, using Edmodo offers further benefits:

  • I send at least one additional daily task to pupils’ Edmodo accounts. (This is differentiated by year group.)
  • Pupils can communicate with each other and/or their teacher on the class page – this gives them the opportunity to stay connected.
  • Pupils can send their work directly to their teacher and/or share it with the whole class, should they wish to do so.
  • Each account has a free version of Microsoft Office and free online storage space (‘backpack’).
  • It’s not all about school work! We can share some of the things that we have been up to. Recently, I have seen some pictures of excellent art work, a lot of pictures of gorgeous pets and heard some news that made me very wary of scooters!!

Please use the following email address to get in touch if your child has lost or forgotten their Edmodo log-in details. You can also use this address to send me copies of work that your child has completed and/or to discuss matters related to teaching and learning: