Welcome to a new week.

Last week was our first full week back at school and all the pupils in Darwin are now well and truly settled into our ‘new normal.’ Everyone has worked hard and a lot of revision and new learning has taken place.

Last week, I was impressed by the efforts of everyone in class but two pupils really stood out: Allison, who received the ‘Reading Certificate’ for her expressive story reading (she read out a story which she had written at home, so that was extra impressive!), and George who has been an all round super star and was awarded the ‘Red Certificate’. It is always tricky when I can only choose one or two pupils, as so many pupils try their very best. This week I will be able to award two more certificates: the ‘Writing Certificate’ and the ‘Red Certificate’. I will be on the lookout for winners from Monday 8:45 on wards!

This week’s homework is a trial run for using Edmodo quizzes. There are often a few hitches when getting started with Edmodo, but the more the children use it, the easier they find it. This week’s quiz is available to complete until the end of Friday this week. The children will find it pinned to the top of their Edmodo ‘feed’. Children will also find (further down their feed) a post from me which contains links to a film clip and to a slide show of images from Mohenjo-Daro. There were far too many images for us to look at during our history lesson last week, so I posted the link for those who wanted to spend more time exploring the images.

Mrs. Evans.