Year 1 & 2! Suffixes and Prefixes

In addition to the lessons completed online, this week it would be very useful for the children to focus on suffixes, prefixes and the root word.

Suffix: letter/s given to the end of the word to produce a variation of the word

Prefix: letter/s given to the beginning of the word to produce a variation of the word

Root word: a word that can be used to form the basis of other word variations e.g ‘untidy’ – tidy = the root word.

Children in Key Stage 1 must know prefix ‘un-‘ and suffixes -ing, -ed, -er and -est. E.g. untidy, raining, looked, faster, longest. 

The children can explore this with a simple pen and paper, writing down versions of the root word with suffixes and prefixes or they can think about things in their house which relate to these words or create a flip book with the root words changing and the prefix is the same.

For example, tidy/untidy, healthy/unhealthy, safe/unsafe, play/playing, jump/jumping.

Enjoy the last week of term!

Miss B